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3D-Dip is the new, and only custom dipping specialists in Northern Ireland, also known as water print transfer (WTP) we offer our customers this unique and most cost effective way to customise and print any design on to 2 and 3 dimensional objects.

Our in-house design team can transform virtually any object your imagination can think of, whether it is plastic, metal, alloy, wood, or even ceramics.

The designs can be applied to anything from car interiors/exteriors to kitchen doors, sports equipment etc. The finish is so durable the list of possibilities to utilize this application are totally endless from vehicles, hobbies, aircraft, marine, hunting, outdoor pursuits and objects from the house or the office.

Any object can be painted in any colour and printed in any design the only limit is your imagination.

With our custom built 2000sq ft premises we can guarantee we pride ourselves in making your imagination and ideas real, and provide you with excellent customer service,custom bespoke work and 100% satisfaction guaranteed workmanship

We can cater for individual, group buy or company projects,call us to discuss your ideas and we will take care of the rest.

All design prints are applied after the object has been painted in what ever colour required to provide you with the look you decide.


At the end of the process your item will be finished in either a high gloss lacquer or varnish which is professionaly applied and baked, you can also choose to have your object finished in matt, or semi gloss, the decision is entirely up to your requirements in whatever choice you choose the finish will be durable,hard wearing and scratch resistant.

Let your imagination run wild, we will make your ideas come true. Stand out from the crowd with our bespoke design prints & colours